Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quick Toothfairy pillow

Brant has had 4 loose teeth for a while now. I keep saying I will get him a tooth pillow and it continues to slip my mind.
Well yesterday I hear all this commotion downstairs - he's crying, bleeding, etc. I kneel next to him and ask him what happened. "I bit a dragon and my tooth fell out and now I can't find it!"
He bit a stuffed animal. And all of this blood came out and scared the crap out of his brothers.
"Mom I don't want to lose a tooth, " said Mason.

Well we found the tooth - phew!! And calmed everyone down.

That night we tucked the boys in and put Brant's tooth under his pillow. My mom and I started brainstorming, trying to figure what we could do that would be a quick "tooth pillow" for him.

Here is what we did:

We went to Kmart and found this superhero doll for $4.99. You can use a stuffed doll that you already have at home.

My mom sewed a black ribbon (that we had at home) onto the cape.

Then she cut this material that we already had and sewed it on as a pocket (you can use anything for the pocket - pillow case, old blanket, etc).

We hung it on Brant's door. he was THRILLED to see it.

I printed this out from Pinterest (Sherri Osborn and pasted it onto some scrapbook paper and slid it under his pillow.