Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halloween Tree

The boys and I made a Halloween Tree this weekend.

We went for a walk and I saw this branch and thought we could do something with it.

I wanted to paint it black but only had orange spray paint on hand. Helping me spray the branch was of course was the boys' favorite part.

I went to Joann's intending on buying those pre-made ornaments to hang on it but really liked this these felt stickers instead. So I just made them into ornaments.

I bought one of those green foam thingy's to hold our "tree." And some black felt to make a little tree skirt.

Then the boys decorated it. We bought a black spider web that goes from the tree up to our picture frames that are hung on the wall. I stuck a white pumpkin next to the tree but still playing around with the display. It was fun to do and the boys really enjoyed it!

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