Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School Prep

After the fourth, I start "school prep" with the boys. My goal is to get a minimum of 15 minutes in a day - mostly letter formation and fine motor skills. We also watch educational DVDs together once a day such as so-and-so starts school, phonics, etc.
Yesterday the boys made a "bus." Brant used a jump rope to make a seat belt. I was the driver.

I drove them to school a.k.a our kitchen and then I was the teacher. They called me Mrs. Maley. While the boys completed some worksheets and wrote their names, I made pancakes - just in time for "snack time." Brant told his brothers to all hold hands as they sang, "Gather 'round and we shall see a community, a family. Brothers, sisters we are one." It was adorable!

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