Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Things Kids Can Do In The Kitchen

1. Stir (gently) wet or dry ingredients
2. Butter their own toast with a dull knife
3. Crack eggs. All of my kids have always cracked eggs for me. In a separate bowl of course so I can fish out shells but now that my oldest has had practice no shells at all!
4. Wash fruit or veggies
5. I measure out what I need and have them pour it into the bowl: flour, sugar, spices, liquids, etc.
6. Open up tea bags
7. Feed fruit through the juicer shoot when making juice
8. Wash plastic dishes, dry and put away
9. Press buttons: for dishwasher, washing machine, toaster, etc.
10. Put the soap into the dishwasher (with supervision)
11. Roll citrus fruits on counter so they extract the most juice for recipes, etc.
12. Unwrap butter
13. Set and clear the table
14. Fill cups/pitchers with ice cubes
15. Stand on a chair and help me fill the crock pot up with ingredients (they want to help me add ingredients to a pot on the stove. Since that is obviously unsafe this is the next best thing).

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