Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ice Cream Bite Treats

I titled this post "Ice Cream Bites" but thought it sounded like, ICE CREAM, BITES!
And ice cream does NOT bite...especially when your a mom and have your oldest son entering Kindergarten in a week and feel it's best to emotionally eat to cope with the change!!!

I bought my favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor (it was on sale AND I had a coupon - meant to be!), What a Cluster, which is PB ice cream, PB bits and marshmallow. I treat myself to this once a year because realistically I could eat this every single day and gain 600 pounds.
I scooped some ice cream onto a Nilla Wafer.

I stuck cocktail spears into the center and put the treats into the freezer for about 20-30 min. Right before I took the bites out I melted my favorite chocolate and began to drown the bites in chocolate.

Then I stuck the bites back into the freezer for about 20 min, took them back out and thoroughly enjoyed. Next time I'm going to replace the ice cream with a raspberry sorbet. I'll keep ya posted.

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