Monday, August 20, 2012

"Owl miss you" project

A good friend of mine is moving...snif.
The boys and I made her a little going away kit. Mason drew her a picture, Jaxon gave her a batman ring and Brant and I completed this project together.
On Pinterest I saw "owl always love you" and thought we do something a little different. "Owl miss you!"

Owls are symbolic in so many cultures, it can mean wisdom, mystery, transition - all of which I think apply to moving somewhere new.
So the boys and I went to Joann's and bought large pom-poms (1.99) and two pieces of felt - tan and orange (0.34/ea). We already have a huge container of googly eyes so this just took a few minutes to make -  grab your scissors and glue and you have a cute owl. I glued the owl's butt to a piece of orange felt so he would stand up better but it's not shown in this pic.
My friend loved it and the boys had fun too!

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