Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quick cocktail outfit

I'm 20 days behind in posting this BUT just wanted to share my thrify New Year's Eve outfit.

I wanted to spend as little as possble. I had the black jacket from my corporate days, had the jeans of course and had the shoes from a wedding in Sept. I just needed a spot-on sequin top. I went to Kohls and couldn't really find what I wanted but tried a few things anyway. Would you believe that the exact sleeveless top I wanted was in the dressing room I went in?? My size and 60% off - I got it for $16. Best. Shopping. Ever!!!!

I wore my hair up and bought the black flower (also on sale) below in case I needed it. It was one of those duel purpose pins: it was a barrett and a brooch. I didn't need it in my hair so I did a little "tone-on tone" on my jacket.

I picked up some nail polish too it's called Penny Talk - I love it. Good for everyday or dressing up.

Top: $16, Brooch: $8, Nail polish $8, First NYE date in 7 years: priceless!!!!

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