Thursday, February 24, 2011

Motherhood: Crazy or Crazy?

Sometimes I can't believe the life I once lived compared to the life I have now. This crazy but love-filled world of motherhood.

I can't complete a single sentence because I'm so sleep deprived and yet I'm holding a sick baby on my hip, making a snack for someone and breaking up a spat between my two toddlers all at once. How is that possible? I never multitasked pre-kids the way I do now. My whole concept of time has changed. Its unreal what I can get done in 10 minutes if all of my kids are trying to get dressed somewhere. My compassion for the human race is out of control. I cry over cartoon characters and disturbing news stories about children will literally keep me up at night.

I used to eat $45 steaks in the city. A couple of weeks ago I ate a $12 skirt steak at a local diner and told my husband how good it tasted. Pre-kids I felt embarassed about using gift cards - not coupons, GIFT CARDS. Now I present anywhere from five to 15 coupons at once to a grocery store cashier and think nothing of it to hold up the line behind me to argue why the cashier should accept every single one.

I have to remind myself to do basic things for myself like brush my teeth, shower, look in the mirror before leaving the house, etc. I went to a wedding last week and my mom asked me if I had nylons on. I said, "No. I shaved my legs and put lotion on them." As if it were a huge accomplishment.

I think about having time to myself or going on a sunny vacation with my husband without the kids quite often. The other day my husband and I were about to hit the "submit" button on a four-day vacation to Mexico. We paused, looked at each other and my husband asked, "Can you go that long without the kids?" I said, "No. Can you?" "Nope." We closed the screen and I left to make dinner.

So instead of posting pictures of where we stayed in Mexico here are pictures of what we stayed home for: my spatula in a diaper as opposed to a kitchen drawer, a sippy cup instead of a coffee cup and my 16month old insisting on wearing his brother's swim shoes around the house in the dead of winter.

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