Friday, February 18, 2011

Sea Creature Week

If the boys really want to watch their favorite Disney movie I let them it but turn it into a learning experience. This week is a good example.
Monday: The boys wanted to watch Finding Nemo. I grabbed a few sea creature books and as the movie played, we would point out which creatures in the book were also in the movie - i.e. a sea horse, a clown fish, etc. Later in the day, as I supervised bathtime, I made sure to have another sea-creature book with me. I had the boys match their bath toys to the picture in the book. "What is the name of this one?" "A lobster!" " Great! Do we have a lobster in the tub?" Brant and Mason have a lot of sea-creature bath toys so it works out great.
Tuesday: Before quiet time I had Brant and Mason each pick out their favorite sea-creature book. We all sat in front of the lap top and both boys picked a few sea creatures from their book to watch on YouTube. It's neat for them to see the creature in action like starfish, sharks, whales, etc. After quiet time we took blue construction paper and covered a small box in it. Then we cut out basic shapes, like a fish, starfish, etc. and pasted them onto the blue construction paper to represent an ocean.
Wednesday: Normally, I would switch gears to another theme but on Wed. our family was able to use free passes to the Shedd Aquarium in the city. We all had a GREAT time being able to see so much of what we had been talking about since Monday. Everyone behaved wonderfully!
Thursday: My mom, boys and I went to the Southlake Mall. I can't remember the last time I went to the mall! We went straight to the play area only to discover the staff updated their play area. Can you believe it was a sea theme?? The boys were thrilled and so was I. I'm going to write the staff at Southlake and thank them for continuing to make changes to the mall that make it more family friendly.

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