Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My mom is quite the gardener and grows seedlings every year. I mean she has these special lamps, she talks gibberish to them, the whole bit.
This year she brought a tray of seedlings to grow at my house and of course we got the boys involved. We talk about how much the plants have grown, how they smell, what they will grow into, etc. I'm amazed at what topics have come up just from us taking care of these seedlings - its been great. They love to water them too. We are going to obviously use these seedlings to plant a garden this year, which I'm excited about.  Possibilities are endless as far how the boys will help me tend to the garden and what lessons they will learn.
This of course goes along great with our "bug" theme this week.

On a different note, Joy actually used a handful of seedlings this year as placecards for her cocktail party. She beautifully painted small pots then stuck a flag in the pot that had the person's name written on it. I thought it was a great idea. It was a seasonal gift and brought color to the table.
The boys were very excited to "share" their seedlings with aunt Joy-Joy.

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