Monday, June 13, 2011

Park project

I saw this idea, make a park passport, in Disney's Family Fun magazine and thought it was kinda cheesy. But then I would add something new to our park outings. So we tried it today and the boys loved it!
Here is what we did:
  • I printed out a map and we used double sided tape to adhere it to a 4x8 card. Brant loves looking at maps and comes up with amazing stories about where he is traveling, etc. I almost recorded him talking today it was so darn cute. I think this was his favorite part of the project.
  • I had the boys decorate the cover for our "park book."
  • I printed out the pictures we took at the park and we pasted them onto an index card to make a "page" for our park book. 
  • Beneath the pictures on the card I wrote the name of the park and the date we went. Normally we talk about the month, etc. when we are doing our "daily planner" (see blog entry on 3/21/11). This was a good way to talk about dates, months, etc. in a different setting.
  • We talked about what their favorite part was about the visit (of course this was my favorite part). On the back of the park "page" I wrote down what they liked, etc. They also have their own names for parks ("Let's go to the red park, mom." "Let's go to the rock park.") and I document that as well.
  • I'm going to keep the pages together and when we run out of parks to visit I'm going to tie them all together. I'll keep you posted on this project.

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