Tuesday, June 21, 2011

setting the table

This was so cute I had to write about it!
I was in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids and I could hear that Brant's feelings were getting hurt because Jaxon would only sit on Mason's lap - not his. Lately it seems like I can't cheer Brant up like I used to - I need a new bag of tricks.
I went downstairs and went through this "Birthday Party" bin that I have - basically leftover party supplies. I found a bunch of different charactor napkins, paper placemats, etc.
I called Brant into the kitchen and his whole face lit up when he saw the pile of stuff. I told him he was in charge was setting the table for the family today. He did a great job remembering who liked which plate, he put out Mason's favorite fork, etc.
I have been meaning to give him this job anyway - I remember doing it at his age and loving it.
This simple thing changed Brant's mood, made him feel special - did exactly what I wanted. He was so cute about it - gave me a BIG hug when I was praising him.

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