Thursday, October 20, 2011

snap-shot ornament

My brother-in-law LOVES anything my boys make him. So for his birthday I'm making a basket filled with various homemade gifts from the boys. I will post when basket is filled but so far my favorite is this ornament.
I found a box of clear glass ornaments at Menards for $0.99 a few weeks ago. I knew I would stuff them with something for keepsakes but wasn't sure what.
Mason drew a picture of Uncle Chris and we stuck that inside, loosely rolled so you can see the colors, etc. Mason wanted blue glitter and his Superman logo inside so we added that and also one of Mason's superman stickers to the outside.
Looking at this ornament, it's a snapshot of Mason at age 3: blue is his fav color, he is just learning how to draw stick figures, he loves superman - I love it.
Best part? It cost me less than a dollar to make and it took less than 10 minutes. I'm excited to make more!

Other ideas on stuffing: strips of your child's fav book (I may do this with Goodnight Moon since it is/was a favorite and to put it nicely has been loved. Just can't bring myself to toss it), sheet music looks pretty (cut into strips), if you saved the hospital bracelet that would fit inside (along with some baby-themed scrapbook trinkets, paper, etc.)...lots of possibilities here.

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