Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bath mat DRAMA

I'm on my THIRD bath mat in less than a year and it's driving me nuts.
When we first moved into our house in 2007 I ordered a bath mat from One Step Ahead (The Big Gripper Slip Proof Bath Mat). It was $20 and I was skeptical because whenever something says "mildew resistent" or antimicrobial, "One Step Ahead exclusive," etc. I wonder if I'm being played.
It's just a chemical added to the production process - you cannot prove the additive is in the product. Only time tells. And really? A bath mat is EXCLUSIVE to a company? Does this company work with the ONLY factory overseas that makes the BEST mildew resistant mat? Pleeze.
So I had a bad attitude the whole time I had this mat. But I'm telling you it was the best bath mat we ever had. It fit the entire tub and my kids only want to sit on the mat so that is HUGE. It lived up to its name as far as being anti-bacterial and mildew resistant (the resistance wore off but almost three years later). Since I tossed it I have gone through three bath mats. All of the other mats state they are "mildew resistant," etc. but they get SO moldy so quickly. Plus they are not long enough so it's always a battle at bath time (the boys fight because they are sitting so close to one another).
Everyone singing Cinderella's "Don't Know What Ya Got Til It's Gone"? I am!

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