Saturday, July 30, 2011

Peach season has begun!!

Today the boys, grandma and I took a small road trip to South Haven, MI to a farm stand called Dutch Farm Market.
Our main agenda: PEACHES!
July 30 was the first day of peach season for this market - it's a U-pick/We pick type of place. It's nice - especially because there is a small playground for the boys.
I learned that 11 varieties of peaches will be available throughout August at this place - had NO clue there were so many kinds! Right now the market has two available: Flaming Fury and Coral Star. We bought half a bushel of Flaming Fury for $13, which I thought was a great price! Very excited to make homemade peach sorbet. I'll post a recipe of what goes down this week.
We also bought two quarts of their blueberries and I'm going to bake my favorite blueberry muffins tomorrow. I will post that recipe as well.
This was a great market. They had a huge stand of blueberry goodies: syrup, beef jerky (YES blueberry beef jerky), jam, vinegarette, etc. They usually have fresh coffee and doughnuts available but we arrived too late to try some. I could do without the construction delays on the way there but overall it was a great way to spend a steamy Saturday.

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