Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Fence

I have one wall in my kitchen that is basically a blank canvas - so I get to be all festive with each holiday. I saw this silhouette theme in a Martha Stewart magazine years ago and always wanted to try it. I went to Michael's and bought some black poster board. I also found Martha Stewart's craft line there and she had these black crows. Perfect!
I just used a ruler and cut the fence. I bought three poster boards but only needed one for the fence. After I cut the poster board into strips, Mason would cut the corners on one end to make a pointy tip. Brant cut out some grass and Mason made a little bird. All of us stuck the crows in various places and then I went digging in my Halloween bin to find more black stuff. I found a witch, a cat and a bat. The kids and I love it. We may make a rat or two down the road. 

Mason's bird.

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