Thursday, October 11, 2012

We made a cheesecloth ghost

I saw this in Martha Stewart's (yes Ms. Stewart again) magazine and decided to tackle it with the boys.

First we need to shape the ghost. So take a paper towel cardboard roll and cut slits along the bottom.

 Fan out the bottom to make the roll stand.

Tape down the strips.

Pierce holes on both sides of the roll near the top and fish a wire through it. You are shaping the arms with the wire so make the length to your liking.

I took my scissors and rolled up the wire - on both sides.

See how the ends are rolled? This holds up the cheesecloth to make arms.

Roll up a ball of foil and place it on top of the cardboard. This is shaping the head.

In the magazine it says to soak your cheesecloth in liquid starch and drape over your mold. I couldn't find liquid starch so I used a spray adhesive. I recommend the liquid. It takes way longer with the spray because you have to do so many coats. But I have to say spraying the cheesecloth was the boys' favorite part.

Mason wanted to put these felt eyeball stickers on the ghost.

I hung the ghost by a plastic hook/suction cup thingy.

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