Friday, December 9, 2011


Tonight was fun.
I'm blessed with amazing neighbors. One of them has a little girl and she came over to bake and do some crafts with the boys and I.
She brought her pink apron over - it was so cute. I can't wait to do this kind of stuff with Isla when she is older. It's strange that I have to wait 4-5 years for that!! LOL

Anyway, here is what we did.
I saw this ornament on Pinterest and I loved it. I was very surprised at how excited the boys were to stuff feathers into this plastic ornament. They were both very focused - totally thought Norah would have chosen that project but my boys couldn't wait.

 Norah made this for her parents which I find both sweet and creative.

Everyone painted an ornament too. I bought 4 wooden ornaments for a buck or less, the bag of feathers were $1.50, the plastic ornaments were $0.75/ea, the bag of foam beads in Norah's ornament were a and kept everyone happy for 2 hours!!

We also baked cookies. I can never get frosting SUPER red so I bought some at Micheals. It saved me frustration. I melted those Wilton white chocolate discs and made hearts and snowflakes on wax paper. We stuck them in the freezer until it was go-time.
Below you can see where we used the white chocolate heart.
I actually prefer to use the melted discs instead of frosting because of they way it hardens on the cookie - it doesn't smear as badly. I like how thin you can spread it over a cookie, which is great for layering. It also makes a great "glue."

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