Thursday, December 15, 2011

UPDATE on book of good-doings as gift

Today I sent the kids off to their pre-k holiday party and in a gift bag enclosed the homemade book for the teachers.
I fell asleep, which I cannot believe, so my husband picked up the boys. I got a call from the owner of the pre-k program and she could barely talk through her tears. I was very emotional today after visiting the Sojourner Truth House so of course I was immediately crying with her.

She said in all her 47 years of teaching she has never gotten such a beautiful gift. She was trying to read the letter to her staff (on the first page) and couldn't get through it. So they passed the book around. They all wanted to take the book home to share it with their families.

I'm so glad they were touched. I was putting it together this morning and was having doubts about it. There was really nothing fancy about it - just blank paper with a short paragraph about the project and a few pictures. I was thinking it looked thrown together.

Its a good thing Adam picked up the boys because if I would have seen Mrs. Apato cry I would have cried. And I'm one of those really ugly criers - where tears pour from my eyes, not well up and trickle down my cheek - I mean GUSH out. My nose starts to drip - then everything gets red and puffy (my eyes, nose and lips). If I try to talk I sound like Daryl Hannah in the movie Splash when she tries to tell Tom Hanks her name in her "language." Then if I have to blow my nose it sounds like a foghorn. Which would have totally scared the kids..maybe even the parents.

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