Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How we are beating cabin fever PART 2

The sure way to get my 2 yr old engaged in the kitchen and away from the TV is if he is "cooking."

I gave him a bowl, a spoon, a measuring cup, and odd pantry items that would be easy to vacuum. I found old lentils, old coffee grounds, and stale oyster crackers.
He had a blast! And so did my soon-to-be 4 yr old. Mason and Jaxon played for quite a bit with these "ingredients."

I thought this was going to be hard for me because the floor was going to be so messy but I actually loved it. Kids get so creative when they have stuff like this in front of them. M&J were talking to each other, talking to themselves about what they were doing, it was adorable. You could just tell the juices were flowing - Mason was especially fired up. And how much longer can you do this kind of stuff with your kids? Not long - Brant is 5 and had nothing to do with it (he and I were coloring Batman in the next room).

The best part was when I said it was time to clean up Mason insisted on vacuuming. woohoo! I will be sure to remind him when he is 13 that he used to volunteer to do chores.

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