Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween class party

Somehow I ended up being head room mom for Brant's Kindergarten class this year.
Not a big deal just didn't know what I was doing.
But I talked to a few seasoned moms and organized the Halloween party. I sent out a note about a month prior explaining a few things about the party then at the bottom had a "check the box" section. I can volunteer, donate juice boxes, donate treats or donate paper goods. We had a great turnout...drinks, treats - two moms even helped out at the party.
The kids returned from lunch and we sat them down for a few treats. While they we were eating we set up stations. We had a craft station (we made ghost suckers), jack-o-lantern bozo buckets, pass the pumpkin (hot potato) and pin the haunted house onto the ghost (I have a few laminated ghosts that I hang at home. I stuck one ghost onto a poster board and had felt, haunted house stickers for the kids to stick on). Time flew by and everyone had a great time. Phew!

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