Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buckeye Sundae

I made those Buckeyes today. Favorite thing ever. I had some leftover and decided to use it as a topping for my vanilla ice cream. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Here is what I did but any recipe you use to make Buckeyes will work. The sauce turned out so good that I had to share!!

PB filling:
I mixed a stick of softened butter, 2c of crunchy PB and 2c of powered sugar together (with a wooden spoon). I then folded in 2c of rice krispies.

Chocolate Sauce:
Never fails I always have trouble melting chocolate chips I have no clue what I do wrong. I always thought, ok its the wax/oil in the chips so when you bake it they hold their shape. But no one seems to have a problem like I do.
In a sauce pan I had 1/4 bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate chips, 3/4 bag semi-sweet chips and a bag of dark chocolate Ghirardelli chips (60%). It was thick and pasty as usual. I was getting frustrated so I added a 1/2 stick of butter - it melted and continued to be thick. I transferred the chocolate glob into a small bowl, washed out the pan I was using and added about 1/3c of heavy cream to the pan. As it started to heat up I threw in a heaping scoop of the chocolate paste and whisked it. I continued adding until  it was this amazing consistency. I'm not sure what it is - somewhere between a ganache and homemade hot fudge. The taste reminds me of my grandmas frosting.
I have never made a ganache before but if this is what it tastes like I'm making it whenever I can. I left it out in the pan and it never hardened. It still looks glossy and gorgeous. When warm it worked great for my buckeyes. It made a great shell on them when stuck in the fridge. When the sauce cooled it was perfect over my ice cream - had the consistency of a great hot fudge.

But lets focus on the real topic here, shall we?

The PB buckeye filling crumbled over your favorite vanilla ice cream (mine is Valpo Velvet. Whole foods sells this for about ten bucks for a half gallon. Stracks has amazing sales on it though. This week it's $4.99 so I couldn't pass up some vanilla.) and then topped with this fudge sauce will cure any PMS or pregnancy craving. It will also cure any bad moment or day. That is all.

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