Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rudolph Day or Grinch Day

Max the elf painted everyone's nose red last night. Silly Elf. It got me thinking that we should have a Rudolph day today to kick off Christmas Break.

So we made Rudolph pancakes for breakfast, decorated Rudolph cookies and watched Rudolph on TV. I thought I had chocolate covered pretzels for the cookies and I couldn't find them. Mason suggested candy canes and it worked out great!! Happy reindeers all around!

Brant had Grinch Day at school last week. He wore a green shirt, they ate Grinch cupcakes and made Grinch pictures. He had such a great time that he wanted to share Grinch Day with all of us. So we ordered a pizza, watched the Grinch and made Grinch Floats. It was fun and something different to do on our pizza-movie night.

In each 8oz glass I pour a generous splash of Lemon-lime HI-C drink, a few scoops of lime sherbert and topped it off with 50/50 pop.

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