Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joy's Holiday Pot and Garland

I had some amazing, much needed sista time last week with Joy. "Twin Time" as my friend would joke. We stopped in Gethsemane Garden Center, in Andersonville, which is by far our favorite place to get Christmas decor. You would have to be a real scrooge not to get into the holiday spirit once you enter that place. The smell of Christmas Trees is intoxicating - if someone handed me a peppermint hot cocoa to sip on I may not be able to walk a straight line. Gorgeous trees (that are apparently cut within 48 hours of shipping), ornaments, wreaths - you name it Gethsemane has it.
Joy bought a Rosemary tree for ten bucks. She put it in a Terra cotta pot, that she had previously transformed into a holiday pot. I love it!! My favorite part of the pot is the furry rim. The snowberries and pine totally stand out against the white wall. It looks awesome!!

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