Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Staying cool, old school

Our AC is broke.
And over the past few weeks we have had some pretty hot days. It wouldn't be bad but our house heats up so much that it's actually cooler to stay outside. I have to admit, I was irritated about being so hot. Especially since the kids were sick and getting up during the night, I was sleepy, worried about them and then super hot.

But lets face it, we could have worse problems. So I decided to change my attitude and think back to what my sister and I did when we were little. We rarely had AC and had to get creative to stay cool.

First thing we did was find something to clean. A hose, soap, a bucket - from a child's standpoint, what's not to love? So we cleaned the baby pool and filled it up. Joy and I used to give our dolls a bath. But since I have all boys, we gave their dinosaurs a bath.
Next we played "thunderstorm." We broke out the umbrellas and took turns spraying the water, while the others hid from the "rain" under the umbrellas. This game lasted a long time. It was a nice. Then we played in the puddles we had made from the rain.

Their rooms were so hot as I was putting them to bed. So the two older boys got a cool wash cloth to go over their forehead. I was surprised at how much they liked it.
I also put their pillows and top sheet in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Joy and I used to do this when we were little. It doesn't stay cool too long after they are out from the freezer but its nice to fall asleep to something cool on the back of your neck and body.

Anyone want to share a trick to stay cool? Please do!

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