Sunday, May 1, 2011

New baby talk

These are my favorite quotes from the two boys regarding baby Isla.
  • Daddy, did you see the baby? She is so nice! (Brant, 4)
  • Isla is love. (Brant)
  • Mommy, show baby Isla your boo-boo. (brant)
  • When Jaxon first saw her, he tickled her head and said "TickleTickleTickle"
  • I think baby Isla needs a kiss *smooch* (Mason)
  • Mommy what is Uncle Chris doing with aunt ja-joy's baby? [Chris was holding Isla] (Mason)
  • Uncle Chris is a daddy, just like my daddy (Brant)
  • To the neighbor: This is aunt ja-joy's baby! She came out of her tummy! (Brant)
  • Helping Joy change Isla's diaper: Why is Isla crying? I don't cry when I poop. Mommy doesn't cry. Daddy doesn't cry. Brant doesnt cry. Jaxon doesn't cry. Why is she crying? (Mason)
  • For the entire first day the boys called Isla "Baby ja-joy"
  • Mommy, I think I have a baby Brant in my tummy (lifts up his shirt to show me)
  • I gotta feed my baby, said Brant pretending to nurse his bunny rabbit.

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