Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Puddle time!

My sister had her baby on Monday. SO excited to be an auntie. She and the baby will be spending the next day or two at my house. CAN'T WAIT!!
Of course I have been cleaning and cooking (quinoa, lentil soup and hummus for the nursing mommy) all day - with three CRABBY boys. So you can assume the house looks trashed. I was tired of being annoyed that I couldn't accomplish what I wanted today. To top it off, it had been storming so badly that our power was out three different times and I could barely get a signal to even call Joy.
The rain had finally stopped around 5 and the sun was shining brightly. But I was feeling discouraged and tired.
To prevent a mommy meltdown, I got the boys dressed and took them outside to jump in the rain puddles. It doesn't make sense to get them filthy after I spent all day trying to get my house clean. But I do this when I need to let things go. When I need to remind myself how much kids appreciate the little things in life and how much I need to as well.
The look on Jaxon's face when he was jumping in the puddles was worth it. It was his first time. And he could not have been any cuter. The kids were having so much fun that our neighbor and her friend, both 12, joined them and jumped as well.
Afterward I just threw everyone in the bath, read them books and got them in bed.

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  1. trish, looks like fun.... great idea to jump in puddles to redeem the day.

    i can't wait to hear more about the new baby. you must be thrilled to be able to serve your sister like this.