Friday, August 5, 2011

Global Enrichment Foundation

In 2008, Amanda Lindhout was a freelance journalist in Somalia when she was kidnapped and began 15 months of nightmarish captivity. But today she has returned, determined to make the country a better place.

Amanda Lindhout
Founder and Executive Director
Amanda LindhoutIn 2008 former freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout traveled to Somalia to research a story on the millions of people affected by two decades of war, drought and famine. Kidnapped by teenage criminals outside of the capital city, Mogadishu, Lindhout spent 15 months enduring unimaginable hardships as a hostage in one of the world's poorest countries. Following her release in November 2009, she became an unlikely and passionate advocate for Somali women's rights. Only four months after returning home, Lindhout founded the Global Enrichment Foundation and established the Somali Women's Scholarship Program to ignite female leadership in Somalia through university education. Her travels to over 50 countries - including Iraq and Afghanistan - have given Lindhout a unique and nuanced understanding of the consequences of the depravations caused by war and the subsequent effects on women. She is passionate about sharing her message of forgiveness and about creating awareness of the opportunities each individual has to create sustainable change in the world.
Lindhout studied Development Leadership at the Coady International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University.


Volunteering for The Global Enrichment Foundation is an opportunity for individuals interested in women's issues to learn first hand about the challenges and successes of women in Somalia.
We ask anyone interested in volunteering to submit a short application to assess where your skills can be best used by The Global Enrichment Foundation. Click HERE to download the application.
When it is completed, the application can be scanned and sent back to us at: or mailed to:
The Global Enrichment Foundation
104, 743 Railway Avenue
Suite #713
Canmore, Alberta
Canada T1W 1P2

Involve Your Company

Your company can show they care about the women of Somalia by engaging employees in initiatives that create a positive image among customers and fulfill corporate social responsibility objectives at the same time. Your support will allow us to help more women and create lasting, positive change for them and their communities.
Make a difference
  • Give your customers the opportunity to make a donation with their purchase
  • Donate a portion of your sales to The Global Enrichment Foundation
  • Pledge to match customer and employee donations dollar for dollar

Organize a Fundraiser

Fundraisers can be held just about anywhere, and anyone can organize one! Ask your church, school, workplace or community group if you can host an event to raise money for the women of Somalia. From black tie soirées to bake sales, there is no limit on what kind of fundraiser you can plan!

Sell Our Cards

The Global Enrichment Foundation has designed a beautiful line of greeting cards to raise funds for The Somali Women's Scholarship Program. Contact your local bookshop or stationary store to see if they would consider joining a growing list of business owners who support the women of Somalia.
Each card features photography by our Founding Director, Amanda Lindhout, taken during her travels to over 50 countries.
Please email your questions about getting involved with The Global Enrichment Foundation to:

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