Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good finds at JoAnn Fabrics!

I found some great deals in the clearence bin at JoAnn Fabrics.

My favorite is this Dora Activity Book on "Healthy Habits" for $1. It's 31 pages and has a great balance of education and games. It's a great opportunity to review eating choices, playing safe, keeping clean and getting rest. The food pyramid is outdated but I'm just glad it's in there. It has games about food and even provide a daily food check list.
We just do a couple of pages at a time but it's so funny to hear them talk about these topics. For example there is a page where you draw pictures of ways you keep yourself clean. They wanted me to draw a butt and toilet paper. I mean it's true - you have to wipe to keep clean but obviously bathing came to my mind first.

I found velvet mini posters complete with markers for $0.50.
These are good for keeping kids occupied in a restaurant. They are thin so easily stash in a diaper bag or purse. If I lose any markers at the restaurant it's not a big deal because I paid so little for the set. These are also good for birthday treat bags.

I found "D.C. Landmarks Project Stencils" for $0.50.
This a set of six stencils (White House, Lincoln Memorial, our Flag, the monument at Arlington National Cemetery, the US Capitol and a map of our country) that I would like to use for next year's Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, etc.

Card Party Outlet had a $0.50 bin out last week. These are always good to look through because you may find future stocking stuffers, activities for a road trip, rainy day, whatever!

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