Monday, August 8, 2011

Tricks to reaching Superheroes

How do I stop two superheroes from fighting the ultimate battle to put away clean clothes?
I start stuffing clothes in odd places. For example, underware on their head, socks stuffed down their shirt, etc. They crack up the whole time and scurry to get the clothing item put away so they can come back and see what I'm going to do next.
I find the quickest way to reach a pair of goofballs is to act like one myself. The times I remember most about my childhood is when I thought one of my parents were being "silly."

Fighting over a toy? Set the alarm. Kids don't want to come in to eat lunch? Set the alarm. Don't want to take a nap? SET.THE.ALARM. I set countless alarms, timers, etc. whatever is closest. I cannot believe how well it works. Doot. Doodeedoot. Doodoo doot.da-doot.
I give them a warning that they have a few minutes to play because I'm setting the alarm. Alarm goes off and surprisingly they do what I'm asking, even when they are in full-force play. Sometimes I count down the last ten seconds. They love it. They join me.
It's a must-try!!

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