Sunday, April 3, 2011

Acorn Bunny project. Take One. Click.

We started a project that I thought would be very fun for the boys. You basically take an acorn and paint it white. Then after it dries you add long ears, eyes, etc. to make a bunny.
I had to get ready for a wine/chocolate pairing party so as the boys were finishing up with their painitng, I jumped in the shower and took Jaxon in with me (to avoid the boys painting him).
I'm in the middle of washing my hair and for some reason the water is turning cold. Which doesn't make any sense because I was only in there for a few minutes. Then I hear Brant crying so I call him into the bathroom to find out what is wrong. I can't hear him very well but I make out that he has something in his eye.
So I was already rushing because I'm late, then rushing more because the hot water is running out and now I'm trying to tend to Brant. How much faster can I really go at this moment? Not much.
Then in the middle of this, my water goes out completely. I look down to find Jaxon has learned to switch the water pressure from shower to bath. And of course we are going back and forth - I turn the shower on, he turns it off. I never thought it would end. But eventually it does.
And come to find out it was not paint in Brant's eye which I feared, it was just hand soap from him washing up after his paint project. Poor guy. It sucks to get soap in your eye but I was so relieved it was not paint.
This is what we got accomplished so far. Hope to have pictures of the complete project posted tomorrow.

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  1. I am dying laughing, and can SO relate!! TOO FUNNY!! Hang in there!