Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maley boys vocab

Funny words/phrases my boys use to complete sentences:
  1. Tea Pot. "Mommy can I have a tea pot?" This means, "mommy can I have a glass of iced Oolong tea?"
  2. Chicken nugget playground. This is a McDonalds that has a playground inside the restaurant
  3. Mommy juice box - is my Vita Coco Coconut water
  4. Ocky Pop - this is beer or wine. We were at Trader Joes yesterday and Mason pointed to a bottle of wine and said, "mommy is this ocky pop?"
  5. Stinky Butt. This is the passing of gas in the buttocks area. When I was little I remember saying, "mom I burped my buns." My poor mother. I will take stinky butt over that ANY day!
  6. Big Daddy. This means something huge. Brant will stick out stomach as far as he can and say, "mommy look I have a big daddy tummy!"

Would LOVE to hear some of the vocab words in your home. Please share!!


  1. CB is saying "coocoo" for cookie right now. its so cute.

    TB says lots of funny stuff that i can't bear to correct yet. he'll say "canna" instead of "gonna" so a sentence sounds like this "i'm canna go outside." he also says that something is "dangerous by low" when we are almost out of something in the kitchen. this is a misunderstanding of dave being dramatic and saying "we are dangerously low on... (whathaveyou)."

  2. Tara I was laughing so hard at the "dangerously low" bit. wish I could hear that!! so cute

  3. So cute!!! I love kids' phrases! My kids call my oreo dessert "Chicken pot pie cake" because ONE TIME I made it at the same time as chicken pie. They never forget anything, do they?