Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blood Oranges - Nuthin scary

I love juicing. But I'm the kind of person that enjoys the "process" of certain things as well as the end result. Juicing is one example because I'm a fresh juice junkie. Other examples are making coffee from a french press, making tea in my teapot with tea leaves...if I have to choose between taking a capsule or making a smoothie I will make a smoothie. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the process of these things until I had kids and didn't have the time to do them. But taking ten minutes to do something small like this can change my whole mood.
Now if I can share one of these "processes" with my boys, it's even better. I think mainly because of their enthusiasm. Juicing is a great example. I don't do it everyday but if limes are on sale I'll buy them, make limeade and then freeze the rest in my ice cube tray for recipes later.
At the store the boys get excited about picking out fruit to juice, putting it in a bag and throwing it in the cart.
They enjoy helping me actually juice too. If we are juicing citrus Brant and Mason roll the fruit around to get the most juice extracted from the fruit. Then they line the fruit on the counter and takes turns counting them, talking about what color they are, etc. while I'm prepping the fruit. Everyone gets a turn filling up the chute with  fruit and switching the power button "on" and "off." Lately Mason even helps wash up the safe parts.

The peak season for Blood oranges ended in March but you can still get these babies through May. My boys had never seen one before so I was excited to show them. They couldn't believe the orange was "purple" inside.
To me Blood oranges tastes like a grapefruit but has an unexpected, creamy finish. Awesome for salads, cocktails, fresh juice, salad dressings, etc.

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