Monday, April 11, 2011

silly things at bed time

I was putting the boys down to bed this evening and realized what silly games we play during our night time routine.
Jaxon puts his little blankie over his head and then sticks his hands or feet up in the air. I move slowly and quietly...and either blow gently on his toes or lightly brush my face on his hands. I love to hear his sleepy giggle. This goes on for a few minutes then he abruptly pulls the blankie off his face and says, P-AH-BOO!

Older Boys
I usually climb into Masons crib and lay next to him. We are both on our sides facing one another. I pretend to fall asleep and start snoring (because in real life I don't snore I can assure you). Mason pretends to be an alarm clock that is waking me up. But as he is making random noises, he is waving his finger tips over my lips (not sure why). I "wake up" startled, of course, and "shut off" the clock by pressing some buttons. These "buttons" are his nose, forehead, chin, etc. And I make a beeping noise every time I push a "button."

I play the same game with Brant. In fact throughout the duration of this "alarm clock game" the person I'm not playing the game with is saying, "mommy can I have a turn? Mommy can I have a turn? Mommy can I have a turn?" I'm always amazed at how excited the boys get about this game. And they laugh so hard when I push the "buttons".

Any quirky bed time routines in your house? Would love to hear them!!

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