Friday, April 1, 2011

Mini Windsock a.k.a. "Octupus Flag"

I'm hosting a Pink Papaya Party tonight - a great spa line. To prepare my house for guests, my mom and I steamed cleaned the carpet downstairs. So today we have fans on full blast to expedite the drying process. I saw a mini windsock in our Disney Family Fun magazine and decided this would be a great day to make them!
All you need is:
  • construction paper
  • an adhesive (I used double-sided tape and a stapler)
  • tissue paper
The boys picked out what color paper they wanted to use. I cut the construction paper in half (or 2 by 5 inch rectangle). The boys decorated this piece while I cut up a thin strip of construction paper for the handle (about 4.5 by 1/2 inch strip). After they were done decorating the rectangle, I adhered the tissue paper to the rectangle with double sided tape. Then I rolled up the sides and stapled it. I cut the tissue paper into strips so they were fringe-like. I stapled the think strip of paper on top to form a handle.
The boys loved them! They ran around calling them octupus flags. It was great!!

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